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We currently have reliable, preferred providers for every mechanical, cleaning, plumbing, electrical and other specialized trades, however from time to time we have vendors that close shop or are otherwise not able to get to a task as quickly as we would prefer. We always welcome hearing from quality service providers, especially if can offer a superior value. Please be sure to give us complete information about your skills or products and be able to verify proper licensing and insurance coverage as applicable.

All contractors have the opportunity to obtain work from our portfolio of properties. We become one big customer for our contractors and we look forward to a long term mutually beneficial relationship. In order to create and maintain a lasting relationship we require our contractors to provide information and conduct business in an efficient manner saving time and money for both of us.

Working With Us +

The Legacy Vendor “Working with Us” Creed: Vendors Must:

  1. Have a working email address.
  2. Have an email that you check frequently.
  3. Prefer to use email as main form of communication.
  4. Have a smart phone with email setup.
  5. Use text messaging on your smart phone.
  6. Be able to take pictures on your smart phone and email them.
  7. Must be licensed and insured.
  8. Understand that we don’t send or receive ANY paper documents.
  9. Agree to send invoices to our legacy-ppm@bill.com email for prompt payment.
  10. Accept our invitation to get paid electronically.
  11. Agree to our terms and conditions.
  12. Read our FAQ’s to fully understand our process.

Required Documents +

Contractors must supply the following before we hire you for services:

  • IRS Form W-9
  • Independent Contractor Agreement
  • Insurance certificate including liability, auto and workers’ comp.
  • Business Licence
  • Contractor’s License (if applicable)
  • Tradesman’s License (ie electrical, plumbing, etc. if applicable)
  • Professional License (ie architect, engineer, etc., if applicable)

NOTE: If you do not have workers’ comp as required by law, then our policy will have to cover you as an uninsured subcontractor. Don’t worry because this doesn’t mean we can’t do business it just means that we will be billed by our insurance carrier to cover the workers’ comp on your behalf. We may have to negotiate pricing based on this scenario.

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How do we get work to do?
We issue work orders for work that needs to be done through our PropertyWare.com maintenance portal. We receive work orders from tenants and our team directs them to the right contractor. You are expected to use the work order to contact the tenant and document completion of the job. 

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