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How do we get paid?
If it’s the first time you send an invoice then we will send an email invitation so you can get paid electronically. You get paid faster directly into your bank account without having to deposit checks. All bills are paid once per week regardless of when they are received during the week. We always check on work completion before checks are written and released. We make every attempt to pay our vendors as quickly as possible; however, at times we are limited by the account reserve of the homeowner our payments may be delayed as we collect funds from the homeowner to cover the balance. 

When do we get paid?
We generally pay invoices once per week on Friday. Getting paid is a three part process. 

First we need to receive your invoice at We create the invoice and submit it for approval.
Second, your invoice needs to be approved by the approver before it is paid. 

Third, after your invoice has been approved it will be paid. The SOONER you submit your invoice the SOONER you will get paid, therefore we recommend you submit your invoice on the day the work is completed. 

How do we get work to do?
We issue work orders for work that needs to be done through our maintenance portal. We receive work orders from tenants and our team directs them to the right contractor. You are expected to use the work order to contact the tenant and document completion of the job. 

How do we submit invoices?
All invoices must be submitted to our email address.  Do not send invoices to any other email used for communication with anyone on our team. If you send your bill to the wrong email it’s the same as if you never sent it in the first place. We will text a vCard (with our contact information) including this email. Please save the vCard to your contacts so you have the information at your fingertips. 

We don’t have workers’ comp insurance; can we still work with you?
Yes. If you don’t have WC coverage it doesn’t automatically exclude you from working with us. However, we will have to bill you for the amount we will get charged by our WC provider or come up with an agreement that works for both of us and still allows us to maintain coverage. This creates additional admin work on our side and as well as yours. We recommend that get WC coverage for your own company if you don’t already have it. 

We have liability insurance is this workers’ comp insurance?
No. Contractors’ liability insurance only covers damage to our property and your property it does cover work injuries by you, your employees or your subcontractors. Almost every contractor has liability insurance but many smaller contractors don’t have workers’ comp even though it’s required by law whereas liability insurance is not.  Certificates of insurance have a section clearly marked for workers’ comp insurance. 

What do we need to include on our invoice?
Your invoices should include your own letterhead with mailing address, billing address, email, phone number and contact person.  Invoices should include our property address where the work was performed including unit#, a description of the work, a clear breakdown of both labor and materials and another notes deemed necessary. If you don’t provide a breakdown between labor and materials then all of the work will be considered labor.

What do you require before we can begin working for you?
We have to have an Independent Contractor Agreement signed.  We also require that you have and furnish us proof of Workers Compensation Insurance and General Liability Insurance.  We do not withhold taxes or other fees. You are responsible for your own taxes and insurance.  You must a complete an IRS Form W-9 Request for Taxpayer Identification Number. If you do not complete a W-9 we are required to withhold 28% of all payments we make to you as required by the IRS. 

What kind of work would you have for Contractors?
We use almost any building maintenance or construction type workers including HVAC, roofers, painters, electricians, plumbers, cleaning companies, flooring installers, and general handymen.  We also have work for other types of vendors, and we use many types of products.  We’re also involved in new construction as well as some of our owners.  Therefore, we will need even more contractors who are ready to handle larger projects.

Why do our invoices have to include a breakdown for labor and materials?
We are considered a general contractor for managing our portfolio of properties which means we are responsible for our uninsured subcontractors as required by (WC) workers’ comp law. Every contractor or subcontractor is required to have workers’ comp insurance and a general contractor has to pick of the bill when a subcontractor is uninsured. Our workers’ comp insurer will request a certificate of insurance for workers’ comp and bill us for the labor portion of all your invoices if you can’t produce a certificate before you start any work with us. We will have to charge you for the amount we get billed to provide WC on your behalf.  If you don’t break out labor and materials then you automatically get billed as if all the work was labor with NO materials. Therefore we required all contractors to break our labor and materials regardless of whether they have WC insurance. Please see a copy of PA Workers’ Comp law provided in the vendor resources.

Why should we consider working for you?
We handle a lot of properties with a lot of different and varying problems.  We have plenty of work,   but we only hire or rehire contractors who do quality work in a timely manner. Communication with us and with the tenant is key to a long term working relationship. If you say you’re going to do something then we expect you to do it as you’ve promised. We realize stuff comes up; therefore it’s even more critical to have good communication when a scheduled appointment is cancelled. 

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