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Answers to your common questions

Can I just forward all our bills to your office?
Please send all bills to legacy-ppm@bill.com. Do not send them to another address. 

Can I still receive tenant rent in my own bank account?
No. All tenants’ rents must be paid through our PropertyWare portal. This is a convenience for tenants and maintains payment records in one place. Otherwise we would have to manage logging into your bank account which creates unnecessary risk for us. 

Can my tenants mail their rent to your office?
No. All tenants’ rents must be paid through our PropertyWare portal.

Do I need the ability to scan documents?
You have to supply documents such as leases and licenses which are too large for a picture therefore if they exist only in paper form you will have to scan them. 

Do you charge the tenant a security deposit? What about a pet fee?
Yes. Our policy the security deposit is typically one month's rent. Pets are not allowed without your permission. When pets are allowed, an additional pet fee of typically $25-50 is required for each cat, dog or other animal. Any damage above and beyond the pet deposit remains the tenant’s responsibility. The pet deposit is used to offset the costs of a mandatory steam cleaning that is done on your carpet after the Residents vacate. Tenants also typically pay last month’s and first month’s rent for a total of 3 months’ rent upon move-in. This is the most we can charge by law. 

Do you have a transition checklist?
YES: See the transition checklist on our owner resources and tools. 

Do you have additional charges for your services?
Yes. There is a $250 per property setup charge and additional admin charges for work done outside the scope of the property management agreement and the standard 10% charge. For example, if a tenant has to be evicted then additional fees may apply for managing the eviction process in conjunction with an attorney.

Do you pay all my utilities?

Do you require a maintenance reserve?
Yes we require a $500 maintenance reserve so we can initiate repairs without delay and use your funds on file to pay for it. A $500 reserve is required for every 3 properties or fraction thereof we manage on your behalf. For example, if you have 8 properties then the required reserve would be $1,500. We bill you directly for all repairs and maintenance made on your behalf, which maintains the reserve at $500 at all times. 

How do I get your leases, licenses and other info? Can I mail them or email them?
We do NOT accept any paper mail. We will provide you with a unique secure box.com document upload portal and email you an invitation link to create your login credentials. Your owner portal will allow you to upload all documents listed on the transition checklist.

How much are your property management fees?
Our property management fees are 10% of all rent collected from all your properties in a given month. There is no fee for rent that is not paid. 

I don’t have a computer can I still work with you?
NO: you must have a computer and a smart phone.

I don’t have an email can I still work with you?
NO: you must have an email account and a smart phone synced with your email account. 

What does paperless property management mean?
We use all cloud based technology we gives both of us access to the same information on the same systems at the same 24 hours per day. 

What is the best way to communicate with your office?
In order of preference and speed of our response: 

1) submit a comment through the tenant portal 
2) send an email 
3) call on the phone. 

Why do I need to change my address of my water bills, licenses, etc. to your address?
Our process requires us to receive bills in a centralized place; therefore we can’t receive hundreds of emails with attachments from hundreds of clients and expect to operate efficiently. 

Will you pay all my mortgages?

YES if you prefer. There is a surcharge for managing mortgage payments. 

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