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At Legacy Real Estate, we treat your real estate investments as our own so you get value of peace of mind. We’ve spent years putting systems together to make working with us very easy. However, we do need a few things from you to make this possible. Please see below for more detailed information.

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Working With Us +

You must have and/or agree to the following in order to come on board as a valued client:

The Paperless Property Management “Working with Us” Creed: Owner’s Must:

  1. Have a working email address.
  2. Have an email that you check frequently.
  3. Prefer to use email as main form of communication.
  4. Have a smart phone with email setup.
  5. Use text messaging on your smart phone.
  6. Be able to take pictures on your smart phone and email them.
  7. Use their owner portal to answer all tenant payment questions.
  8. Use their owner portal to communicate.
  9. Use their owner portal to upload all property related documents.
  10. Understand that we will not send or receive ANY paper documents.
  11. Agree to use our vendors.
  12. Agree to provide a property maintenance retainer.
  13. Read our FAQ’s to fully understand our process.

What You Get +

Paperless Property Management is a triple win approach for the property manager, the owners and the tenants. We use 100% secure cloud based tools to provide transparency, access and ease of use to everyone. Propertyware is the main system we use to interface with owners and tenants. Owners can access their Propertyware Owner Portal with a unique login sent to you upon signing up with us. Tenants also get a unique login they can use to pay rent, view balances and submit a maintenance request.

We provide monthly and annual statements of all income and expenses that you can hand to your accountant or tax preparer. Reports are emailed to you on a monthly basis or you can access the information any time through your owner portal.

We hire licensed and insured contractors to clean, paint or make repairs when necessary and answer phones during regular office hours from 9am to 4pm. Emergencies are handled 24/7 as necessary.

We advertise, receive rental calls, show properties, and screen tenants prior to leasing. Tenants have self-serve access to our screening portal on this site.

We coordinate with the tenant anytime property needs to be shown for business purposes.

We prepare and execute rental agreements paperlessly using DocuSign with all the right addenda. We also perform move in and move-out inspections, which includes returning security deposits offset by any additional charges to the tenant. We are a conduit between tenant and owner for problem resolution whenever possible. In addition, we pay all bills associated with the property at the Owner’s direction.

We confront tenants on tough issues such as rent collection and initiate eviction proceedings when past due rent can’t be collected. Our attorney’s handle the legal process regarding evictions.

Steps for Getting Started +

  1. Choose to work with us for Peace of Mind Paperless Property ManagementGet Started Now
  2. Agree to and sign our Property Management Agreement for each owner of record (Includes Owner Application, Consumer Notice, Rental Listing Contracts, W-9)
  3. We create a unique Properyware login and send an email login invitation
  4. We setup your properties in Propertyware
  5. Rename required documents using the following method. For example a lease should not be named lease.pdf, however it should look like this: Bobby Tenant 987 Main Lease Expires 12-31-14. Cleary identify each document in this manner.
  6. We create a box.com shared document folder and send an email login invitation. Provide and upload the following documents after renaming them::
    • Proof of Ownership (Deed)
    • Property Management Application for each individual owner in a portfolio.
    • Copy of Business License.
    • Copy of Rental License for each property.
    • Property Information Sheet for each property.
    • Copy of Current Insurance Policy.
    • Utility Account Number for each property.
    • List of Current Vendors with contact information.

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Can I just forward all our bills to your office?
Please send all bills to legacy-ppm@bill.com. Do not send them to another address. 

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