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You know that real estate is one of the best investment vehicles standing the test of time over the decades. We know that it is a critical component of the portfolio of all high net worth individuals or anyone who wants to build wealth. You just have to know the right way to invest in real estate and that’s where we come in. We take a very personalized approach by identifying what of property and strategy works best for accomplishing your goals. If you don’t have clearly identified goals, we’ll help you define them.

Additionally, we have found that everyone falls into one of 4 dominant personality types. We firmly believe that investing for your personality type is the most important consideration. Knowing how to identify this in clients and then being able to make appropriate recommendations is another one of the unique qualities of the team at Legacy Real Estate.

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A purchase includes a complex mix of terms, timing, financing and price. Our experience in creative structuring and financing of deals is a valuable part of our services. Sometimes deals don’t seem to be working for everyone and we’ve used creative thinking to solve the issue by adding art to the science of real estate.

You probably know that wealth protection, creation and growth are the biggest reasons people invest in real estate. However, you may not know that there are certain types of properties that are better suited to meet this objective for you. We work with you to identify which types are best matched for your personality.

Cash Flow
Residual or Passive Income is one of the most attractive features of real estate investing. You can make money while on vacation, while sleeping or focusing on your career. We are very experienced in a variety of cash flow options in real estate combined with equity building. A good situation for one client may not be the best one for you. We focus on the return-on-investment and positive cash flow while exploring different options matching your lifestyle and risk preference.

IRA Real Estate Investing
Most people don’t know you can buy real estate with a self-directed IRA. We are experts in this arena and we have relationships with third party administrators required by the IRS to manage the account. Although the rules are very strict, it can be an incredibly lucrative way to invest for both the short term AND the long term. There are many tax minimization or elimination strategies available. There are banks that will now finance your real estate purchase with your IRA, as well as partnerships you can create or even finance the purchase of investments for others.

Selling Investment Properties

Over time, life changes and so do your goals. We work with you to dispose real estate using the same strategies we used to help you acquire real estate. We take a great asset and turn it into an opportunity for somebody else. There are many considerations for selling a property including tax consequences, optimal sales price and positioning therefore, properly analyzing real estate can be just as critical when it comes to selling.

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Our Network
Our clients find our connections and relationships a valuable asset. We can make recommendations on property improvements and put you in touch with people that do quality work at very good prices. We are tied in with a broad range of investor’s that are looking for properties to buy along with other agents that represent buyers. We get your property out to a large range of people that are ready, willing and able to buy including our access to the multiple listing service.

Our Sign
Each property gets a sign that is custom made for that property.

Our unique sign is the only one in the industry that can make a difference in selling properties for more money in less time. Our design brings focus to the most potential buyers to your property. We have a special color combination and highway reflective materials that we have designed and used along with an information box highlighting the property. When a potential buyer drives by, they see the points that may influence them to buy vs. just the name of the Brokerage.

Our Focus
We have made a choice to narrow what we will focus on, even though we can provide excellent services in a very broad arena. By focusing on what we all love and do ourselves, investment real estate, we are able to provide specialized treatment for investors.

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Investor Education

The best way to learn about real estate investment is from seasoned investors who are willing to share their personal experiences. At Legacy, we have worked on hundreds of transactions and facilitated many deals for our clients over the years. We have each personally encountered financial successes as well as losses. We share our wealth of experience with you. Our Team investing opportunity is unique. You join a small group of 8 people, led by an instructor, surrounded by people just like you and you learn by doing.

Investor Financing

Even when buying for all cash, the strategic decisions around financing play a very important role in the profitability of your real estate investment. Financing is not all about interest rates and fees; it is about the goals you are trying to accomplish and the most profitable ways to achieve your goals. Our expertise in terms, loan to value, IRAs, 401Ks, construction, bridge, conventional, unconventional, private, seller-financed, and creatively-structured deals allows us to share a variety of perspectives. All our contacts and relationships become available to you to explore new ideas or enhance what is already working for you.

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The opportunity for creative options can really make the difference between a financially sound deal and a financial hardship. It can also transform a deal that was a “no” into a “yes.” Our experience really shines when we work with you to satisfy your unique needs and help you to accomplish goals that you might have believed were impossible, or when we exceed your expectations by earning or saving you more money than if you were working on your own.

A 30-year fixed rate mortgage is often the best option, but everyone has different circumstances and objectives and that is why it is important to work with a professional to understand what is best for you. We have relationships with several banks and mortgage brokers that know that we are committed to creating the best deals for our clients. The financing structure on your purchase may make a profound difference in the profitability of a property. Let us work with you to determine what will deliver the highest return on your investment.

There are fewer clients seeking commercial properties than residential. This often makes clients feel that their options are limited and less competitive. Since we have developed strong relationships with a variety of lenders and brokers, our clients have said that they feel they get accelerated knowledge from options available and that makes them comfortable choosing an option that works for them without having to waste a lot of time. We offer a course for Investors to quickly and powerfully grow their knowledge and experience of investment real estate by being part of an Investor Team.

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